...will Professor Ethelred's unearthing of his creation unearth the earth?...

(reel by Kinetic Media NYC)

Average User Rating....(4 skulls out of 5)


"....someone to watch. Or at least his special effects crew is. That, and the guy who played the British-American scientist. I really, really like that guy." --


"Screaming Dead and Shock-O-Rama director Brett Piper returns to terrify horror fans with this gruesome tale of a biological weapons project gone terrifyingly awry." -- N.Y. Times


"The acting for this movie was really well done for an independent movie." --


"Bacterium is a nice creepy B movie... The acting was also good, as he gets good solid performances for this type of film." --


"Piper hits all the right notes in a symphony of drive-in theater style calamity... If you are looking for mindless entertainment and the sheer delight of one man’s quest to remind folks that genre films can be fun - you need to see this film as soon as possible. " --

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