Acclaimed Theatrical Performer

"As You Like It"

"....Orlando and Charles' (Bruce Nicholls in a bad but funny wig) wrestling scene may not be as authentic looking as the fights in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), it adds a machismo to the performance that juxtaposes all the romance nicely..."
-- Cindy Pierre, "Talkin Broadway", NYC

"Hound of the Baskervilles"

"....The standout in the crowd is Nicholls. As Sir Henry, he holds the play together. He's a suave charmer wooing Kathy, a cynic who refuses to believe in the curse of the Baskervilles, and a nervous man on the brink of death, all within a matter of minutes. His performance is truly enjoyable to watch. ......A talented cast led by Kuhn and Nicholls carry the
play well..."
-- Rebecca Neal, "The Advocate-Messenger", Danville, KY


"Bay at the Moon"

" ....Ed appears to be a devoted husband, as well as a friend to Ava, and Nicholls depicts Ed with a quiet strength that never moves too far to the forefront but nevertheless is perceptible..."
-- Aug. 12, 2004, "The Advocate-Messenger", Danville, KY

"Academia Nuts"

" ....Nicholls also has a fast talking, comedic role as something of a shyster, trying to find the easy route to fame and fortune. He's stolen academic articles, lied and cheated, but still comes across as a reasonably amiable guy who probably would be good for a laugh. Much like Henson's, Nicholls' blend of physical comedy, facial expressions and fast talking optimism make Stewart a fun and interesting character to watch.......recommend seeing the show to discover its great ending, and to watch the extraordinary chemistry of the actors develop over a couple of hours. It's a great end to a good season...."
-- Aug 14, 2003, "The Advocate-Messenger", Danville, KY

"On the Razzle"

" ...Here are a few highlights ...*Bruce Nicholls as "The Coachman". This is a rather bizarre character, played amusingly by Nicholls, a character who has spent too much time behind his horses- and that manifests itself in the strangest of ways....."
-- June 12, 2005, "The Advocate-Messenger", Danville, KY

"Sherlocks Secret Life"

" ....Nicholls establishes Prof. Moriarty as a good foil to Holmes. Yet, his skill is truly shown in his ability to portray the two Moriartys; the harmless professor, and, later, the conniving, cruel villain that he turns out to be. ........"Sherlock Holmes Secret Life" is a must-see.."
-- July 1, 2004, "The Advocate-Messenger", Danville, KY

"Mr. Shaw Goes To Hollywood"

" .....there are fascinating major players in "Shaw".....drunken, fading actor John Barrymore (Bruce Nicholls, returning from last season)......I liked the elegance and affronted pride the actor brought to the Barrymore role- Barrymore and Shaw apparently had a distinct difference of opinion on one of Barrymores performances- and the convincing inebriation of Barrymore after he drinks scotch out of a tea services sugar caddy..."
--June 13, 2004, "The Advocate-Messenger", Danville, KY

"Cactus Flower"

" Cactus Flower Blooms Beautifully At Pioneer Playhouse .......Bruce Nicholls as the philandering Senor Sanchez is marvelously slick and smooth. I continue to be impressed with the range of Nicholls' talent, having watched him in several shows and seen an ever expanding versatility in his skills......."
-- July 15, 2004, "The Advocate-Messenger", Danville, KY


"Dear J"

"A recipient of the Dove Family Approved Seal, Dear J is Christian family entertainment at its best. A heartfelt film that deals poignantly with a belief in Christ and hope beyond the grave, Dear J is a thought-provoking movie families don't want to miss."
-- Bridgestone Multimedia Group


"....someone to watch. Or at least his special effects crew is. That, and the guy who played the British-American scientist. I really, really like
that guy."