Experienced AEA/SAG-AFTRA Actor

Bruce Nicholls

Height: 6'2"        Weight: 175 lbs Hair: S. Blonde         Eyes: Blue

National Tour

Don Quijote (National Tour) Don Quijote Boston Flamenco Ballet
Cyrano de Bergerac (National Tour) Ligniere/De Guiche Boston Flamenco Ballet
Romeo & Juliet (National Tour) Friar Laurence/Prince Escalus Biggs Rosati

Theatre - New York City (Partial List)

The Jeweler's Shop Adam First Things NYC
As You Like It Corin/Charles (The Wrestler) Frog and Peach Theatre Co.
Barefoot in Athens King Pausanius The Olympic Theatre
If Peanuts Were Emeralds Paul Shetler Theatre
The Hothouse (reading) Col. Roote Jean Cocteau Repertory
King Lear Duke of Burgundy/ Entourage Pulse Ensemble Theatre
For The Time Being Wiseman 1/ Fugal Chorus/ Soldier Cloister Theatre
Funeral of the Green Clown Dr. George Graus Wings Theatre
Marilyn FBI/Paparazzi NYC Opera at Lincoln Center
The Mikado Guard NYC Opera at Lincoln Center
Whose Life Is It Anyway Dr. Barr/Dr. Travers Crosscurrent Theatre Co.
Since Big Al's Coming to Town Tom Hamilton House
Cinderella Mortimer The Little People's Theatre

Theatre - Summer Stock/Regional (Partial List)

Sherlock's Secret Life (Dir. Robby Henson)  Professor Moriarty       Pioneer Playhouse, KY
An Absolute Turkey  Redillon     Pioneer Playhouse, KY
Mr. Shaw Goes to Hollywood John Barrymore       Pioneer Playhouse, KY
On the Razzle  The Coachman     Pioneer Playhouse, KY
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 Ken de la Maize       Pioneer Playhouse, KY    
Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Henry       Pioneer Playhouse, KY
Cactus Flower Senor Sanchez Pioneer Playhouse, KY
Academia Nuts Stewart      Pioneer Playhouse, KY
The Man Who Came to Dinner Metz / Sandy     Pioneer Playhouse, KY
You Can't Take it With You       Henderson       Pioneer Playhouse, KY
Bay at the Moon       Ed       Pioneer Playhouse, KY
Wait Until Dark     Roat     Greenwoods Theatre, CT
Dancing at Lughnasa       Michael       Greenwoods Theatre, CT
Angel Street Mr. Manningham     Greenwoods Theatre, CT
Feydolio (2 Feydeau One Acts)       Plumard/Gentillac       Greenwoods Theatre, CT
The Tunnel of Love       Dick Pepper     Greenwoods Theatre, CT
Driving Miss Daisy       Boolie       The Main St Theatre, PA
A Charles Dickens Christmas       John Dickens/Mr. Trotwood et al.       The Main St Theatre, PA
King Lear       Ensemble       North East Shakespeare, NH
Punch & Judy (Interactive Puppetry, Dir. Abbis Williams)       Puppeteer       Yonkers, NY
Robbers (Dir: Lyle Kessler)       Factory Worker       Actors Studio, Los Angeles
Baron in the Trees       Visconte, Policeman, et. al.       St. Martins Theatre, Vic. Australia

Film, Tv & Web (Partial List)

At the Breakfast Table     Lead     Mac Gudgeon Productions
The Lamp Project     Supporting    Prod: Lazarus Lazarides
Dear J Major Supporting     Cube City Entertainment
Bacterium Supporting     Shock-A-Rama Productions
The Martyr    Supporting     Anitra Thomas, producer
A Bolt, A Bird     Supporting     NYU Student Film
Halo: Helljumper (web series)     Supporting    Prod. Helena Hilario, Dan Wang
Secret Baincaire     Supporting     Swiss Productions
Tom & Jeraldine  Featured Principal    Second Act Films
Pisser     Featured Principal     Pissco of America, LLC
Acid Rain     Featured Principal     Parable Entertainment, Inc


list available upon request


Scene Study:
Lee Strasberg Institute, NYC (George Loros, Irma Sondrey, David Gideon); Marcia Haufrecht; P&M Studios, Australia (Peter Sardi, Marion McKenzie)

Susan Peretz; John Lehne

HB Studios (2 Years - Scene Study/Script Analysis, Geoffrey Owens)

Audition Technique:
Jack Doulin (NY Theatre Workshop); Karen Kohlhaas (Atlantic Theatre School)

Susan Patrick (HB Studios); Judith Conrow-Shipley (of RADA)

Pat Randall

Special Skills:
Puppeteering; Various Accents, including British, Cockney, Australian, General American, Southern, Boston, Irish, South African, etc.; Football, Baseball, Cricket, Horseback Riding